The New Scheme

The Life And Times
"No One Loves You Like I Do"

(SlimStyle Records)

At first glance, the title of The Life and Times’ third record, No One Loves You Like I Do, seems like it could be a syrupy ode to a relationship and/or love at first sight. However, the album’s dense sound, coupled with the imagery of the video for “Day One”, it becomes clearer that No One Loves You Like I Do chronicles the darker side of love. Whether it paints a portrait of an obsessive relationship or a one sided relationship is unclear.

The record utilizes this theme to create an atmosphere that leads to a stark and expansive sound. The songs run the gamut from heavy, methodical rockers to songs that use a more free-form, spacey approach. That's one of the reasons The Life and Times are such an intriguing band, regardless of the mood they focus on, they create expansive songs that completely envelop the listener.

The record opens with guitar squalls and a plodding drum beat by Chris Metcalf that evokes a methodical and spacey approach that sets the mood for the record. Guitarist and vocalist Allen Epley’s ethereal vocals and steady delivery add an eerie, yet elegant complimentary texture to the heavy, driving riffs of the track.

One of the standout tracks is “Day One”, showing that while The Life and Times may be known for their atmospheric pieces, they are still able to construct more direct songs that strip away many layers and still put most other rock bands to shame. Metcalf and bassist Eric Abert shine on the track, creating a muscular backdrop that compliments Epley’s spacey vocals perfectly. “Day Twelve” is another song that shows off the strength The Life and Times are capable of displaying. An expansive, heavy track that would fit perfectly among the catalog of heavyweights in what many deemed “space rock” in the 90s.

Although much of the record is outstanding, there are a few missteps along the way. The mid-tempo “Day Nine” and the fuzzed out “Day Five”—which are good change of pace tracks-lack the emotional punch and swagger that seems to emanate where the band decides to pour on the layers and turn up the heaviness.

No One Loves You Like I Do is another powerful album in the catalog of a consistently great and underrated band and “Day One” is sure to be a song that will end up being replayed endlessly throughout the year.


The Life And Times - Day One"

from No One Loves You Like I Do, SlimStyle Records